Title Senior BSA/AML High Risk Investigator
Start Date 2018-04-13
Location New Jersey Financial Institution
Job Information

(To Apply Please contact Diane Katz at diane.katz@primesoftinc.com)

POSITION TITLE: Senior BSA/AML High Risk Investigator

DEPARTMENT: Compliance

LOCATION: New Jersey Financial Institution

REPORTS TO: Deputy Compliance/ BSA Officer

Type: Perm Position

Additional: US Citizens and Green Card Holders Only

Please reply to Diane.katz@primesoftinc.com


The Senior AML/BSA Investigator is responsible for reviewing, investigating, and reporting on existing bank customers that violate any provision of the Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering Control Act, or the USA PATRIOT ACT. The Senior Investigator monitors high risk products, activities, customers, and business entities using enhanced due diligence procedures and assists in managing the monitoring of high risk customer by implementing a comprehensive monitoring program.


  • Apply enhanced due diligence procedures to large scale enterprises or relationships that pose an increased BSA/AML risk to the bank. (Large scale enterprises may include foreign or domestic banks, money service businesses, etc).

  • Review system-generated reports, UARs, Grand Jury Subpoenas, press reports, wire reports, etc. for customer suspicious activity related to money laundering, fraud, or terrorist financing.

  • Write and/ or review policies and procedures for all departments in the monitoring of high-risk accounts.

  • Train personnel in other business units in parameters of enhanced due diligence and monitoring.

  • Investigate all questionable accounts in a complete and timely manner.

  • Prepare and file Suspicious Activity Reports.

  • Perform ongoing monitoring and due diligence of large and complex high risk customers.

  • Develop training and perform periodic reviews of enhanced due diligence for BSA/AML Department, including business unit visits.

  • Draft and review BSA/AML policies and procedures.

  • Review legislative and regulatory guidance and advise management of issues related thereto.

  • Develop and maintain current knowledge of bank regulations

  • Develop and maintain current knowledge of the trends and patterns in money laundering.

  • Report to BSA/AML Officer on a periodic basis the status and effectiveness of the Bank’s BSA, Anti-money laundering and OFAC compliance programs.

  • Meet with Compliance Management to discuss and prepare high risk monitoring cases for presentation to the Executive Committee and the Board.

  • Open and maintain a case file for all suspicious activity reported by bank employees, customers, law enforcements, or examiners.

  • Use records of outside agencies to facilitate investigations including, credit bureau records, police and court records.

  • Review surveillance systems and request photos for use by bank and/ or law enforcement personnel.

  • Attend litigation, court proceedings as necessary to affect and complete the prosecution of cases.

  • Prepare document requests from federal and state law enforcement related to investigations.

  • Participate in and submit to confidential interviews with federal agents to review case file, bank documents, and SARs.

  • Correspond with employees and customers in connection with matters such as structuring.

  • Act as liaison between the Bank and all branches of law enforcement, bank peer groups, and legal organizations.

  • Submit recommendations to the BSA/AML Officer on various fraud-related topics resulting in the implementation of enhanced Security Procedures.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Comply with all regulations pertaining to BSA, USA PATRIOT ACT, and OFAC. Complete annual BSA training. Report suspicious of criminal activity, or any attempt to avoid BSA reporting requirements on the part of customers or employees, to the BSA/AML Officer.


1. Maintain current knowledge of the Bank’s automated BSA, Anti-money laundering, and OFAC compliance systems.

2. Maintain a working knowledge of Bank records and systems including, Premier 8, WireXchange, Verafin, Check for Risk, and Webcapture.

3. Must have a strong knowledge of Bank Secrecy Act, USA PATRIOT ACT, OFAC and other anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

4. Must have the confidence and ability to identify potential issues and solutions and work with management to resolve issues.

5. Ability to manage case flow and workloads of investigative employees to ensure proper tracking and monitoring of a wide variety of reports, work items, and investigations.

6. Ability to provide guidance and training to investigators within the department regarding AML, BSA, and OFAC-related issues.

7. Ability to interact and respond accurately to inquiries from internal audit and bank regulators.

8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

9. Ability to prioritize and organize assignments.

10. PC computer skills- Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word, Excel).

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Required: Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) from a four-year college or university. Three to five years of investigative experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience in reviewing correspondent banking relationships and MSB relationships is a must. CERTIFICATE, LICENSES, AND REGISTRATIONS: Required: Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)

(To Apply Please contact Diane Katz at diane.katz@primesoftinc.com)