Title Commercial Credit Underwriter
Start Date 2017-06-09
Location New Jersey
Job Information

JOB CODE: #DK-6082017-21

POSITION TITLE: Commercial Credit Underwriter

CLIENT: Financial Institution


Only Green Card Holders and Citizens Please

(To Apply Please contact Diane Katz at diane.katz@primesoftinc.com)

If you are applicable for this position please contact Diane Katz directly: Diane.katz@primesoftinc.com

Business Description

Performing the role of Commercial Credit Underwriter, the Executive Consultant will conduct underwriting to identify, mitigate and manage credit risk. He is responsible to analyze financial statements and credit metrics related to cash flow, collateral and guarantor wherewithal to ensure proper alignment between credit risk and the Banks risk appetite.

Key Responsibilities/ Day to Day Activities

  1. Will prepare Credit Reviews for each loan on a regular schedule to review overall asset quality, including performance against original underwriting expectations.  Such reviews evaluate information including borrowers/sponsor financial statements, rent rolls, project status reports, and overall analysis of the credit condition of the borrower/sponsor, stress testing as informed by a complete understanding of the Institutions relationship with and exposure to the borrower. 

  1. Will Provide support to Senior Deputy Credit Officer through underwriting, policy knowledge, credit structuring and risk assessment in credit request packages to be submitted for pre-screening discussions, co-approval, or credits approved within the Senior Deputy Credit Officer’s lending authority. Ensure packages are complete, accurate and thoroughly documented.

  2. Underwrite high quality credit narratives in support of new and existing loans.

  1. Spreading business financial statements and tax returns and analyzing multi-year trends and ratios from financial information

  2. Spreading personal financial statements and tax returns for individual guarantors, developing borrower and guarantor global cash flow analysis

  3. Performing collateral analysis including accounts receivable, inventory, real estate and investments

  4. Understanding cash flow from operations, which includes identifying recurring and non-recurring sources of cash flow.

  5. Facilitate timely receipt of current and adequate financial statements of all types, tax returns, and personal financial statements. Analyze financial statements and document client performance along with identified risk and risk mitigants.

  6. Understand and can articulate all Institutions Commercial Credit policies, procedures and processes. Recommend credit within the Bank’s risk appetite including documenting when and why to make exceptions.

If you are applicable for this position please contact Diane Katz directly: Diane.katz@primesoftinc.com 

(To Apply Please contact Diane Katz at diane.katz@primesoftinc.com)