ez-DIMS, an Investigational Drug and Device Inventory Management System is a comprehensive Web-based program for all aspects of investigational drug/device inventory management and dispensing. It incorporates elements for inventory control and audit performance required by clinical trials sponsoring organizations (Pharmaceutical Companies and CRO). This application increases inventory visibility across supply chain to ensure proper control over stocks at various sites and the CRO/sponsor warehouses. This real-time access to inventory reduces company’s inventory carrying costs, inventory overage and tracking clinical supply lots by managing the shelf life expiration date throughout the supply chain.

ez-DIMS allows the user to :
  • Align the ordering of investigational agents with the patient and protocol
  • Implement and document all aspects of drug inventory management including receiving, dispensing, transferring and returning of agents
  • Automatically update, record and reconcile drug accountability records (DARs) via pharmacist activities
  • Establish and align treatment cycles with inventory management requirements
The capabilities of ez-DIMS are highlighted as follows :
  • Drug/Device Ordering: Permits the ordering of investigational drug/device to be aligned with the patient and protocol utilizing a variety of scalable ordering forms and email format.
  • Receive Drug/Device: Updates agents on order. Identifies those back-ordered, re-ordered, and abandoned. Updates Drug Accountability Records (DAR) and notifies the requesting personnel of the investigational drug/device arrival.
  • Dispense Drug/Device: Provides comprehensive capability related to the dispensing of agents including lists of subjects receiving treatment, investigational drug/device availability, projection of future ordering needs.
  • Transfer Drug/Device: Allows for transfer of investigational drug/device among protocols and locations (as allowed by the sponsor/CRO) and then evaluates the ramifications of a transfer on current inventories.
  • Waste Drug/Device: Provides the ability to document investigational drug/device waste and update the DAR inventory per patient or protocol.